Cancer Scare–INDIAN Bread Makers To Clean Breads

It’s taken the country’s largest bread makers only four days to promise a “voluntary withdrawal” of suspected carcinogenic ingredients from their loaves. A report released earlier this week by research and advocacy organisation Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) India, exposed the presence of potassium bromate—a chemical that could possibly cause cancer—in 38 samples of…

via Just days after cancer scare, Indian bread-makers promise to clean up their loaves — Quartz

Generation Gap


memories fresh but little bit blurred, generation gap the reason I heard

the children differ in thoughts and act,ignoring elders and the fact

teachers of past adored like a God, now a days they indulge in fraud

the parents insist for a separate room, unmindful for the kids how to groom

iPad, iPhone and Macbook in their hand, keeping busy where ever they stand

the personal touch is almost gone, on slightest pretext they tend to frown

home cooked was delicacy for all, now looking for Chinese/continental in the Mall

they felt pride in touching parents feet, now even good morning through the Tweet 

sitting at home but feelings lost, moods exchanged through Facebook post

the ways changed and the time has changed,despite the money everyone looks estranged

let gap be narrowed by embracing the fact, for keeping the bond lovely and intact

values of the old and speed of the new, may bring freshness and purity like the dew

India flight tests new reusable space plane — TechCrunch

India has successfully completed their first small step toward joining the other players in the market of reusable spacecraft. On Monday, the Indian Space Research Organization (India’s version of NASA) launched a 22-foot winged spacecraft to an altitude of 65 kilometers (about 40 miles) and navigated the vehicle back down into the Bay of Bengal, east of India.…

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Flipkart and Snapdeal have dumped one pointless metric for another — Quartz

India’s leading e-commerce companies have abandoned the one metric they had held dear since inception. Gross merchandise value—GMV or the total value of goods sold through a marketplace—has so far been the most widely used metric for gauging the size and success of e-commerce businesses in India. Both Flipkart and Snapdeal have in the past…

via Flipkart and Snapdeal have dumped one pointless metric for another — Quartz


ehsaas pic

Proudly settled and everything on trot,

the life was smooth and nothing distraught,

blessed satisfied family and career on track

never could anyone dare to distract

there she came along and stormed the life

charming, smiling, graceful and full of life

 turning back glances while driving with smile

insouciant posture sitting beside me for a while

she floored with style and her aesthetic looks

Looked so pious, honest out of the fairy books

My heart throbbed for her every day in wait

losing my peace was perhaps only the fate

with tearful eyes, parting hugs and flying kisses

she left me distressed with lots of promises

compatibility was the issue for difference in age

she wanted to embrace me even at this stage

Many years on and everything fresh in mind

Can’t forget and leave her fond memories behind

the very thought of losing her love for mine

sends shivers down my weakening spine

that’s where I am now at this stage of my life

scared and alone still coping with strife



Amazing Verses


Hi dear friends,

Thanks for taking time and reading my virgin feelings about life as brought out through the wonderful verses incorporated in my book.I am reproducing one of the best compliments received from one of my very good friends and a vivid reader of fiction and poetry. I will be failing in my duty if I don’t acknowledge Sh.R.M.Sharma, for his valued observations conveyed in the reviews as under:


‘Amazing Verses’ are amazing. Rhythmic and sensational just like a young river, they flow flawless…direct from foothills of Mount heart. Like to read again and again…It is extraordinary invention of ideas and beautifully fusion of heart, mind and soul.’




Happy reading and enjoy some soul searching creativity by reading this book and wait for the Paper Back version soon.

“Yes!!She Returned” my next effort is touching the very sensitive social issue with a scientific solution and may be available with paper back version too shortly

Keep fit,have fun and enjoy reading. Love you all