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My profession gets name in VAVA finconsult being a unit engaged in creating awareness of customers at grass root level for planning their financial portfolio to keep abreast with the constantly reducing value of money in hand due to inflationary measures. With Banking and finance background, I have been helping the professionals in building portfolios and ensuring steady growth of wealth with regular savings. I take this opportunity to offer my services for any clarification and guidance to my dear friends on any issue pertaining to money they are earning and  avenues available for investments

Parveen Sabharwal

Indians have Knack for Technical Supremacy

Byju Raveendran has always been a self-learner. As a child, he says, he taught himself English. His school in Kerala’s Azhikode village used Malayalam, the local language, as the medium of instruction. Years later, those self-learning techniques came handy when Byju appeared for the Common Aptitude Test (CAT) in 2003, the demanding entrance exam for…

via India’s largest education technology startup was built by an engineer who aced CAT for fun—twice — Quartz

The Wall



brick by brick getting big and tall

strong stable confident are synonym for WALL

withstanding the chill or heat whole life

resisting the stormy waters for saving the life

measuring the love bond with magic of its strength

gauzing sanctity of relationship through its length

its tenacity compared with intensity of love

by keeping the religion and everything above

when the sweetness of love tends to turn sour

with both sides avoiding eyes to explore more

the wall seems to have come in between the two

for the emphatic relations turning who’s who?

separating the loved ones and treating the folks

like the curd, whey and beating the egg yolks

the tenacity turns into fragility for all

who doesn’t want to demolish such strong wall?



Smorgasbord Summer Reading – Amazing Journey by Parveen Sabharwal — Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life

Today the summer reading is a book of verse. Amazing Journey by Parveen Sabharwal which has just been released. However, it was preceded by a novel Amazing Life and to set the scene for the poetry we will begin there. About Amazing Life : How True!! My first book Amazing Life was about the touching […]

via Smorgasbord Summer Reading – Amazing Journey by Parveen Sabharwal — Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life

Smart Phone Crazy Indians–Boost in Digital Payment Industry

Digital payments may be new to India, but the industry is set to grow tenfold in the next four years, thanks to the craze for smartphones. Asia’s third largest economy will have a $500 billion digital payments market by 2020—contributing 15% to India’s GDP, said a report published July 25 by Google and Boston Consulting…

via Smartphone crazy Indians to give a 10X boost to digital payment industry in next four years — Quartz

Indian travellers “like” internet access more than a bottle of wine or a hot shower — Quartz

Indians simply cannot do without the internet. Lack of connectivity is the biggest fear Indian travellers have. They would even trade basic necessities for access to the net, a recent survey by web browser firm Opera and budget hotels aggregation platform Wudstay shows. So what is it that Indians do with the internet while traveling?…

via Indian travellers “like” internet access more than a bottle of wine or a hot shower — Quartz


Two years after Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) announced that it will sell more vegetarian burgers in India, it is looking back at chicken in a big way. As competition in India’s burger market heats up, fast-food chains are returning to what they know best—in KFC’s case, tubs of fried chicken—leaving the vegetarian menu as it…

via KFC is ditching Indian vegetarians to do what it does best: sell fried chicken — Quartz